Season Two, Episode 27:



The Digimon are unable to evolve to Ultimate anymoreSeason Two, Episode 27
American Name: Fusion Confusion
Japanese Name: Invincible Fusion! Pailodramon

   Following Paildramon’s dramatic appearance, the kids return to the real world to learn more about DNA-Digivolving from Izzy.   Izzy explains that when two Digimon DNA Digivolve, the strongest parts from both Digimon are used to form a new, single, stronger Digimon, similar to what happened with Omnimon.  This leads into a side-story about the time when the original children were called back to the Digital World.

    When the children returned, they were reunited with their old Digimon companions and they went to meet with Gennai.  Gennai told them that even in spite of defeating Apocalymon, the children must use their crests to “release the powers that protect the Digital World” in order to defeat the forces of darkness. They then released their crests and the Digital World was bathed in a glowing light.  The children   then soon discovered that by giving up their crests, their Digimon were did not have the external power to evolve to Ultimate anymore.

    The story then returns to the present and the others ask why this was never mentioned before. Izzy, TK, and Kari explain that when their Digimon lost this ability, it was like the Digimon lost a special part of themselves, which was very painful for the Digimon and their human partners. However, all of them are hopeful that someday the Digimon will regain the power needed to evolve to Ultimate.


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