Season Two, Episode 39:



Lillymon Wall DecorationEpisode 39
American Name: Dramon Power
Japanese Name: Everyone Sally Forth! Imperialdramon

    The younger chosen children travel to the Digital World to retrieve the older children’s Digimon.   They then return to the Real World and reunite the Digimon with their human partners as a Christmas present.  Since Mimi is in America sleeping, Palmon is put into a bag and transported to Mimi's room.  During a panshot of Mimi's room we see a Lillymon decoration hanging on the wall above her bed.

   Also during this episode, Matt’s concert (back in Japan) was interrupted by a Digimon invasion of the Real World.  Anticipating this action, Gennai retreives a Digi-core from Azulongmon and travels to the Real World to distribute it to the children.   With this power, Paildramon digivolves to Imperialdramon and helps to clear out all the Digimon invaders in Japan.   In addition,   with Azulongmon’s power, the older children’s digimon now have the power needed to digivolve to Ultimate again.


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