Season Two, Episode 40:



Lillymon faces off against CherrymonEpisode 40
American Name: Digimon World Tour, Part 1
Japanese Name: New York, Hong Kong, The Battle Royal!

     The kids decide to split up into groups and assist the other Digi-destined around the world in returning the Digimon to the Digital World.  Davis travels to New York and meets up with Mimi and Michael.  Shortly after Davis arrives, it is learned that a Cherrymon is attacking the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.  Benjamin (one of Gennai’s clones) shows up and releases a part of the Digi-core, enabling Palmon to digivolve to Lillymon.  The group then arrives at Rockefeller Center only to see Cherrymon on top of the RCA building.   Lillymon flies up and tries to use her Flower Wreath attack on it, but the attack fails since Cherrymon is not being controlled by a virus.  ExVeemon then flies up and kicks Cherrymon to the ground.  Cherrymon is angered by this and decides to attack the other Digimon.  It uses its Cherry Bomb attack to knock everyone into the air and then uses its vines to restrain the Digimon.  Fortunately, other Children and their Digimon show up and using their combined strength, Cherrymon is subdued.  While all of this is going on, Mimi’s mom and dad are seen driving around looking for her.   They see Lillymon and decide to follow her.  

     All the invading Digimon within the region are soon brought to Central Park and Davis opens a Digi-port to return them home.  A few moments later, Mimi’s mom and dad show up and embrace her, while Palmon looks on from behind the bushes.


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