Season One, Episode 35:



Lillymon AppearsEpisode 35
American Name: Flower Power
Japanese Name:The Fairy of Odaiba! Lillymon Blossoms

Mimi and Togemon are outside of a convention center trying to protect the people inside of it against Dark Tyranomon.  Dark Tyranomon is overpowering Togemon in their fight and things are not looking good for our hero(ine)s.  At this point, Mimi asks herself if there is something more that can be done, and this is when her crest starts glowing.  With the power of the crest, Togemon is able to evolve into Lillymon.  Lillymon and Mimi then trade humorous comments and Lillymon proceeds to defeat Dark Tyranomon with her Flower Wreath attack.Just then, Myotismon shows up and removes Dark Tyranomon from the field. He then begins attacking Lillymon with his Crimson Lightning attack.


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Japanese Title Screen for this episode
American Dub Japanese


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