Season One, Episode 37:



Lillymon is revived by WizardmonEpisode 37:

American Name: Wizardmon’s Gift
Japanese Name: Ultimates Attack Together! Sparkling Angewomon

Birdramon and Sora carry Lillymon to the TV station, the place where Myotismon is holding Kari and Gatomon captive.  When they get here, they meet the other kids and Wizardmon.  Wizardmon inquires as to what happened to Lillymon and he then proceeds to use his magic to heal her.  Just then, several of Myotismon’s lackeys appear and attempt to distract the kids.   The kids decide to split up, some of them to go fight Myostimon (Lillymon goes with this group), while the other fight his lackeys.  Myotismon flees to the top of the building before the group can do anything.  At this point, the two groups join back together and attack Myotismon.  While this is happening, Tai, Mimi, and Greymon show up (Tai had rescued Mimi just a little while earlier). Tai then gives Kari her digivice and crest which allows Gatomon to evolve into Angewomon.  Angewomon uses the combined attacks of the rest of the digimon to defeat Myotismon.


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