Season One, Episode 40:



Mimi and Lillymon staring down PuppetmonEpisode 40 :

American Name: Enter the Darkmasters
Japanese Name: The Four Kings of the Mountain of the Devil! The Dark Masters

The kids and their Digimon partners have returned to the Digital World to find it having been took over by the Dark Masters.  The group has just finished fighting unsuccessful battle with MetalSeadramon when Machinedramon shows up.  The Digimon evolve into their Ultimate forms and attack Machindramon.  Unfortunately, they never lay a hand (or claw) on him because Machinedramon uses his Giga-Cannon attack to repel them.  The ground then crumbles beneath them and the group tumbles down to face the next Darkmaster, Puppetmon.   Puppetmon makes fun of the group and Mimi yells at him for this (which causes Lillymon to try to calm her down).   Puppetmon then attacks the group, causing the Digimon to evolve back to their in-training and rookie forms.  He then sends the group off to face Piedmon.


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