Season One, Episode 44:



Lillymon confronting the GarbagemonEpisode 44 :
American Name: Trash Day
Japanese Name: Cherrymon of the Lost Forest

Three Garbagemon are attacking the group and one of them has Mimi lined up in their sights.  This causes Togemon to evolve into Lillymon in order to protect her.  Lillymon quickly gets Mimi out of the way and then proceeds to attack the Garbagemon.   After some fancy flying (which includes stepping on one of the Garbagemon’s faces and using it as a stepping stone), Lillymon destroys one of the Garbagemon with her Flower Cannon attack.   The rest are dispatched when MetalGreymon uses his Giga-Blaster.


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Mimi doesn't take crap from anyone! and neither does Lillymon.


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