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Lillymon using Flower CannonIn Digimon Card Battle for the Sony Playstation, Lillymon makes a number of appearances throughout the game. The premise of Digital Card Battle is that you are a newcomer to the Digital World and you do battle with opponents through a card game. As you beat more opponents, you gather more powerful cards and unlock new areas. These opponents include the chosen children and their Digimon from the Seasons 1 & 2 of the Digimon TV show.

Eventually you reach a point in the game where you battle Mimi and her partner Digimon, Lillymon. Lillymon uses a deck called the "Flower Fairies Deck." This deck exclusively uses Nature cards, which makes it easy for Lillymon to digivolve her cards. It is relatively easy to defeat Lillymon using an Anti-Nature deck. From her diallog, one discovers that Lillymon is very attached to Mimi and likes playing the card game. However, Mimi initially finds the card game to be very boring. After you beat her though, Mimi goes over to Lillymon and plays the card game with her, hoping to improveher skill so she can eventually beat you.

In addition, Lillymon appears as a card in the card game. Her card is rather hard to come by and can only usually be gotten as a special prize or created through card fusion. When Lillymon appears on the battle field, she appears much like she does on the TV show. She has large black eyes, a dual-colored helment, with show accurate-wings and dress. However, unlike the show, she had 2 new attacks in addition to her Flower Cannon. The first of these is Vicious Vine. While performing this attack, Lillymon flies up and lets a green energy ball form in her hand. She releases it, forming a long green vine which impales the enemy. It then expands, further skewering the enemy. Her second new attack is called "Temptation." While using Temptation, Lillymon flies up and forms a giant red-sphere around the enemy. This causes some of the enemy's HP to be absorbed into Lillymon. Also, one cannot forget Lillymon's patented attack, Flower Cannon. When engaging int his attack, Lillymon flies up high, draws energy, puts her hands together to form a large flower, and releases a ball of energy that inflicts massive damage on its target. Finally, Lillymon's card is notable in that it is the only Ultimate level card (that I know of) which requires 30 DP. This means that Lillymon is the easiest Digimon to evolve to from champion since it takes less points to do so. Unfortunately, this fact is reflected in Lillymon's stats since her HP and 2 new attacks have lower-than-normal numbers compared to other Ultimate level cards. Nevertheless, Lillymon is a very useful card to use since she is easy to use in a Nature deck and her Flower Cannon and Temptations attacks are very useful. When this card and Myotimon's are fused, a very special surprise is created, try it and see for yourself (or scroll to the end of the page).


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Lillymon's game dialog
Challenging Lillymon to a battle. Defeated!
Lillymon's card Unleashed!
Lillymon using Flower Cannon
Vicious Vine
Lillymon is being attacked!
When Lillymon and Myostismon's cards are fused, they form Rosemon!


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