Digimon World 2:



Lillymon as she appears in Digimon World 2In the Digimon World 2 game for the Sony Playstation, Digimon increase their strength by DNA Digivolving together with one another. This fusion results in a new Digimon that can attain higher levels and stats than its predecessors. When a Digimon reaches certain higher levels, it can digivolve to its next higher level form.   These higher forms can be attained first attained at level 11 for Champion, level 21 for Ultimate, and level 31 for Mega.

In the game, a Lillymon can be raised through either a DNA Digivolution of two Megas or evolving a Togemon that has 8 Digivolution Points. She appears much like she usually does in other mediums, but with two notables exceptions.  First, this model has two human-like eyes instead of the black ones we are used to seeing. Second, her leaf wings are wider and not as long as they are usually depicted. In even spite of these changes, Lillymon does retain her patented Flower Cannon attack. When using this attack, Lillymon throws both of her arms together over her right shoulder and brings them down to launch a giant pink fireball, inflicting massive damage to the enemy.

Also, Lillymon is seen a number of times throughout the game. When you first start the game, she is at your disposal for your first dungeon trek. After becoming a tamer, she returns to Zudokorn's side. Later on, you will fight Joy Joy's Lillymon in the Coliseum battles.  If you are not feeling up to the daunting task of raising a Lillymon, you can obtain one late in the game in the last few dungeons. In these, she is seen fighting along side Blue Meramon and Triceramon.


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Togemon digivolve to....

Lillymon versus Lillymon Lillymon using Fist of Fate
Lillymon using Necro Magic Lillymon launching a devastating Thunder Ball attack
Finally, we get to see our heroine's main attack.
Celebrating the Victory Learning new skills
Blocking an attack. With the hundreds of battles in which Lily has been, she will be attacked sometime... but, she always gets back up.
Fighting against Zudokorn's team which includes a Lillymon.


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