Action Feature Lillymon:


The package.Name: Action Feature Lillymon

Packaging: Standard Digimon packaging with the Digivolve splash and Digimon Logo.   On the back, it shows the other figures you can collect from this series.

Contents:  one 3” Lillymon figure, one circular Pink stand, one Lillymon Sticker



Comments: The three inch Action Feature Lillymon is one of the largest Lillymon figures ever made.  The molding on the figure is generally quite good, but not as detailed as could have been done for a figure of this size.  Lillymon Figure with Pink StandSuch features as the “hair” and feet are very detailed with a person being able to make out individual vines and thorns in the hair.  The figure is less detailed in the chest and upper-thigh areas, with only the most important details having been molded on.

In regards to the painting of the figure, the job that was done leaves much to be desired.  Only four colors of paint were used on Lillymon, giving this figure a “cheap” look when compared to the show model.   Many details, such as the flower on Lillymon’s boots, were left unpainted.  In addition, many areas of the body were painted the same color, such as the head and the dress portion.

The gimmick for this figure is also quite weak.  A person is supposed to wiggle the wings back and forth, causing the arms to wave up and down.   While the gimmick does work like its supposed to, it just seems like it would have been better to give the figure an attacking action instead of this.  I mean, what is Lillymon supposed to attack her enemy’s with? Armpit odor? =)  

The Sticker. For larger scans of this image, please visit the Picture Gallery.With the stance the figure is molded in, it is quite unstable and is not able to stand on its own  Fortunately, a circular pink stand was included (it attaches to one of the feet) allowing Lillymon to remain upright.  The package also comes with a small sticker of Lillymon.  The sticker has her in an enthusiastic pose on a blue and yellow background.  In the foreground of the sticker is her Digimon number and the Digimon logo.  I have not attempted to remove the sticker from its backing yet, so I cannot comment on the quality of the sticker itself.

Overall, the package is of average quality given the price ($3) that was paid for it.   There is nothing really exceptional about it, except it being the largest Lillymon figure released in the United States so far.

The "directions" for this figure

:  At $3, this figure is reasonably priced and is very affordable. However, in light of the problems associated with this figure, I can only recommend it for the completetist or someone wanting to use it for a kitbash.


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