Lilimon/Mimi Button:


Lilimon/Mimi ButtonName: Lilimon/Mimi Button

Packaging: Clear Plastic Bag with Product and Licensing stickers on back.

Contents: One 2 1/4 inch button

Price: $3


Comments: This clip-on button contains images of both Mimi Tachikawa and Lilimon. Depending on the orientation of the button with respect to the light source, either one or a mix of both images will appear on the button.

The images used for both characters are the same ones used on most other commerical materials. There is the usual Lilimon image with her facing straight toward the viewer with her arms at her sides.  As For the Mimi, a Digimon Adventure 01 image of her is used with her standing at an angle.

The foreground and background used for each image contrast very well with their respective images. Lilimon has a blue background with a nice pink overlay that displays her name.  Mimi has a redish background with a more stylized darker red font being used for her name.

When viewed in the proper light and at the right angle, each image is very clear and discernable. However, even when one image is at its clearest, you can still always detect minute traces of the other image.

Overall, this button is of very good quality. The button pin is sturdy and will hold the button on to most clothing apparel.  In addition, the image will change and be clearly visible to other people depending on where you have the button clipped. 

Button in Plastic Bag     Back of Button along with the Product and Licensing Stickers

:  If you see this pin at a reasonable price, I would recommend buying it. This pin is an excellent way of expressing your fandom for both Mimi and Lilimon.  However, this pin can be hard to find since it was only made and distributed in Japan.


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