Capsule Lillymon:


The Lillymon Packaging CapsuleName:   Japanese Digimon Capsule Figures

Packaging:  Eight multi-colored Vending Machine Capsules

Contents:  1 Lillymon, 1 Garudamon, 1 WarGreymon, 1 Metal Garurumon, 1 Zudomon, 1 HolyAngemon, Diablomon, 1 Omegamon

Price: $15


(I will only be commenting on the Lillymon figure)
The scan from the catalog is of much better quality than anything I was able to get from scanning or taking pictures of the figure.Comments:  The molding on this 1.5 inch Lillymon figure is moderately good, and is accurate to the show model. Lillymon has been molded in a “waving” pose with her left arm stretched out and the right arm on her hip.   Also she is molded with her legs together in a very rigid stance, with her wings spread out to her side.   The quality of the molding is quite good for a figure of this size, the only unsatisfactory thing I can see are the pronounced injection mold points on the figure.

Lillymon does have a cute, though limiting paint job.  The only four colors used on this figure are olive green, pink, peach, and black.   However, the colors are arranged to make the character visually appealing, even though none of the details of the figure are painted on. 

The Stand for LillymonAt the back of Lillymon’s feet is a stand connector, which allows her to stand on a hexagonal, clear plastic piece.  Lillymon is quite stable when standing on her own (thanks to the connector), and the stand only really serves as a decoration.

Overall, the figure has very limited play value, though it does work well as a display figure.


An included catalog that shows the other figures in this line

:  At such a “high” price point, I can only really recommend this set to the Lillymon or Capsule Enthusiast.  If you can find this set for a cheaper price, it might be worth getting since the figures are of good quality.   As is, this set is very overpriced.


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