Collectable Set IX:


The PackageName: Collectable Digimon Set IX

Packaging: Standard Digimon packaging with the Digivolve splash and Digimon Logo.   On the back, it shows the other figures you can collect from this series.

Contents: one WarGreymon figure, one Palmon figure, one MegaKabuterimon figure, one Lillymon figure, one Tentomon figure, one Togemon figure, one Digimon Poster

Price: $5


(I will only be commenting on the Lillymon figure)
Comments: This 1.8 inch Lillymon figure is molded quite well, and is very accurate to the show model.  Lillymon FigureLillymon has been molded in a “tada” pose with the arms stretched out to the sides and the legs spread apart, kind of like what you see when circus performer finishes a trick. style="mso-spacerun: yes">  There is a leaf “connector” between the feet to help stand the figure.  The plastic used is rather flexible, just like on most other Digimon toys, which allows the arms and legs to be bent a little bit. 

The paint job is also quite nice for a figure this small.  It all goes together very well, even without painting on some of the details (such as the flowers on Lillymon’s boots) or the lack of show accuracy in the application of the pink paint.  This figure, in my opinion, looks much better than the three inch Action Feature Lillymon figure.

The figure is quite stable while standing, though it does take only a little bit of shaking to cause it to fall over.  Overall, the figure is quite nice and it makes a nice display figure, even in spite of its small size.

Recommendation: At $5, this collectable set is a good deal. The other Digimon included this set are also of very good quality (especially Togemon and MegaKabuterimon).  If you see this set, I would recommend picking it up.


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