Crystal Figure Lillymon:


PackagingName: Japanese Digimon Adventure Crystal Figures

Packaging: On the front, it has a blue background with a picture of Agumon, Greymon, MetalGreymon, Biyomon, and Taichi.  On the back, it features a scene with Taichi, Greymon, and Garurumon, along with some Japanese Instructions.

Contents: 1 Green Agumon, 1 Red Greymon, 1 Blue MetalGreymon, 1 Blue Weregarurumon, 1 Green Wargreymon, 1 Red Garudamon, 1 Red Lillymon, 1 Blue Atlur kabuterimon, and 1 Green Tailmon Figure

Price: $2


(I will only be commenting on the Lillymon figure)
: This 1.5 inch tall translucent red plastic Lillymon figure is molded in a super-deformed statue pose.   This figure requires some assembly, with the wings and vine hair being molded separately and connected by a tab to the main figure.   It takes some force to separate the the piece and figure from the tab, that or you can try twisting the two apart.  The piece then connects to the figure with a peg.   This connection is fairly secure and will not come loose with normal playing.

Lillymon Crystal FigureThe figure is molded in a lifeless statue pose, with the arms to the side, the legs together, and the face looking straight ahead.  The features on the figure are generally correct and are quite detailed for a figure of this size.  The only bad thing about the molding is that the flower section of the head is quite large, which makes seeing the face quite difficult. 

The figure is quite stable while standing, though it only takes a small amount of force to knock the figure over.  Overall, this figure has very limited play value, though it does work well as a display figure.

Recommendation:  If you see it in stores, go ahead and buy it!  This package was released fairly early this year and it is becoming quite rare to see it in stores.  It really is a good deal at $5, and you won’t regret getting it if you are a Lillymon fan.


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