DX Lillymon, Series 1:


The Package.Name: Digimon DX Lillymon, Series 1

Packaging: Standard Digimon packaging with the Digivolve splash and Digimon Logo. On the back there are images of the other skateboards you can collect from this series.

Contents: one 1.5”  Lillymon Figure, one Finger Board, two Finger Bindings, one Skateboard Display Stand, and one Keyring.

Price: $5


Lillymon FigureComments: The molding on the 1.5 inch Lillymon figure is quite nice, it is very accurate and proportional when compared with the TV show.   The figure is molded in a “hang ten” pose with the arms stretched out to the sides and the legs far apart in a sort of hunching stance. There is a leaf “connector” between the feet to help stand the figure and to help hold it to the skateboard with the finger bindings.   While the the molding is good, the paint job on the figure is average at best.  The paint job does make the figure look like Lillymon, but there are numerous deficiencies in it that take away from the final product.  First, there are are several unpainted details, such as the leaves on Lillymon’s chest. Second, there are several stray paint marks on the figure I am looking at.   Finally, there are two different shades of pink used on Lillymon, but there is not enough contrast between the two to make the figure look like its television counterpart. 

Finger Board with Display StandAlso, the finger board is quite nice. The top of the finger board is covered with a rough black material with a white Digimon logo emblazened on it.  The bottom of it features a picture of Lillymon’s card game art and her Digimon number (# 78).  The finger board has translucent blue wheels on it and will roll a few feet if given enough force.

The finger board is quite large in comparison to Lillymon, but I imagine this is for stability purposes.  Without the finger bindings, Lillymon will remain on the finger board if you push it along gently.  With the addition of the finger bindings, Lillymon can be securely attached to the finger board, allowing more leadway when playing with the figure.  The bindings themselves are blue and are made of a flexible plastic.  It can take a moment to hook them to Lillymon and to the skateboard.   Additionally, this package includes a display stand that the skateboard can lean on.  The stand is quite sturdy and displays the board quite well.

An Illustration from the directions showing Lillymon on the Fingerboard

Finally, there is a small metal ring attached to the back of Lillymon’s head that you can use to hook to the included key-chain.  The figure will remain on the keychain quite well, even while spinning it around your finger.  For the price of $5, this package is a good deal.   You get a fairly nice finger board with a display stand and an accurate figure representation of Lillymon.  I personally just like to display the package, but it is also makes a very good toy.

Recommendation:   If you see it in stores, go ahead and buy it!   This package was released fairly early in 2000 and it is becoming quite rare to see it in stores.  It really is a good deal at $5, and you won’t regret getting it if you are a Lillymon fan.


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