Finger Puppet Lillymon:


Front of the packet (Click here to see a larger picture of the box)Name:  Japanese Finger Puppet Lillymon Figure

Packaging: This package is 8 1/2 inches tall and 4 inches wide. The front it features Metal Garurumon and WarGreymon, along with a plastic cover displaying the figures inside. One side of the box features Lillymon, Palmon, and the names of the figures in the series.  The other side has MetalGarurumon, Zudomon, and a repeat of the names. The top of the box features Tailmon, Patamon, and a giant "A" (signifying the particular figures this box contains).  The back of the box contains a listing for the figures contained in boxes "A" and "B".

Contents:  1 Finger puppet figures for each of the following: Zudomon, WarGreymon, Lillymon, Palmon, and Tentomon

Price: $10


Lillymon side of the box (Click here to see a larger picture)Comments:  Just slightly under 1 3/4 inches tall, this Lillymon figure is molded in a super-deformed pose. This figure is made of a high quality, flexible plastic. For a figure of her size, Lillymon has an excellent paint job. Her head is well proprortioned and has appropriate paint highlights. Lillymon's helmet is a bright pink with her face being painted a lighter pinkish tone. The body is molded with the same bright pink color used on the helmet. A lighter pink highlights her upper body with a dark green being used on the vines. An even darker green was used to paint her wings and the back of her hair, which are very well detailed. Sticking out from Lillymon are a set of short, gloved hands.  The hands are painted the same color pink as was applied to the face. Lillymon's gloves are painted orange, just like the stem on her head. Lillymon's boost are fairly squat, but that is to be expected with a super-deformed character. Her boots are painted the same color as the vines on her chest.

The figure's main gimmick is that it is a finger puppet. As such, this figure is hollow and has is open on the bottom.  Due to the relatively small size of the figure, only small fingers were intended for use in playing with it. For people with large adult hands, the figure makes an excellent display piece.  The figure is extremely cute and with her wide base, it takes quite a bit of work to knock her over.

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In addition to being a figure for this particular set, Lillymon makes an appearance on the side of the box as well.  This is your typical Lillymon image with her standing like a statue with her arms against her sides. Unfortunately, the package I received was severely dented on the side that Lillymon is on.

Recommendation: This figure set definitely deserves two thumbs up. This Lillymon figure is very adorable and is one of the best that I've ever seen. Also, the other figures in this set are very good in their own right, especially Zudomon and WarGreymon. If you ever see this set for sell, I would recommend buying it immediately. In the past 2 years, I've only seen this set for sale twice.


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