Mini-Figure Lillymon:


PackagingName: Mini-Figure Lilimon (Japanese)

Packaging: A blue and green box with a picture of War-Greymon on the front, and picture of the other statues in this series on the side and top.  There is Japanese writing on all the other sides.

Contents:  one super-deformed two-inch Lillymon statue, one package of candy, one Japanese Machinedramon card

Price:  $4


Comments:  This two inch tall Japanese Lillymon statue is molded in a super-deformed style, a first among Lillymon statues and figures.  Lillymon FigureThis statue is molded quite well, as this is the way I imagine a SD Lillymon would be drawn (at least the shape anyway).  The statue is hollow inside and seems to be constructed of a tough, flexible plastic.   The figure is painted appropriately for the super-deformed style, with the areas being painted the color they would if compared to the show model.  The only glaring painting error is that the “hair” was left pink and was not painted green.   In addition, the figure is quite stable and will not fall over easily. Also included in this package is a bag of Candy, and a Japanese Machinedramon card.  I have not opened the package of candy, but I would have reservations about eating it since its age is unknown.   On the front of the card, it has a color picture of Machinedramon with his vital statistics listed to the side.   On the back, it has black and white images of the other statues in this series.

This package is quite an interesting Japanese collectable.  It can be rather hard to come by and includes a rather nifty statue and trading card.

Machindramon Card

Recommendation:  At $4, this item is quite affordable and reasonably priced.  If you ever come across it, I would recommend buying it due to its age and collectable nature.


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