Human Partner:


Grade Level:

A determined Mimi.(As of the end of the 2nd Season)
  Mimi Tachikawa
  7th Grade

In the anime series, Lillymon has a human partner named Mimi Tachikawa.  Mimi begins the series as a 10-year old spoiled brat whose favorite color is pink.  She is self-centered girl who is only concerened with food, fashion, and her own safety.  As the series progresses, she earns the Crest of Sincerity and after this, her attitude slowly begins to change.  Mimi starts to act more responsibly and takes a deeper interest in her Digimon partner.  Also, her dialog and actions become more mature and intelligent.  This becomes apparent when Mimi uses the crest to cause Togemon to evolve into Lillymon.  After this event, the two seem to form a deeper, more personal relationship.  Furthermore, Mimi becomes much more emotional upon their return to the Digital World after the battle with Myotismon.  She is visibly grief stricken at the loss of her Digimon allies.  Even in spite of this, she learns to gather her courage and to help her Digimon partner put an end to the evil forces plaguing the Digital World.   By the end of the first season, Mimi has moved from being a stereo-typed air-header to a more sensitive, caring individual.

At the beginning of the 2nd season, Mimi is now three years older and lives in the United States.  Her appearances and characterization in this season are fairly limited as she is mostly used an utility character.  However, she is still portrayed as a responsible and enthusiastic character.  The only thing that changes about Mimi during the season are her hair and fashion styles.  Since Mimi lives in America now, she is only very rarely given the chance to see her Digimon partner.  Thus whenever they see one another, it is a joyous occassion.  However in the future, Palmon is permanently reunited with her and the two host a popular TV cooking show together.  In addition, Mimi also has a child that has a Tanemon as a Digimon partner.   The last act the audience ever sees Mimi perform is to let her child go off adventuring in the Digital World under a bright and beautiful sky.


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