American Dub Description:

In the American dub, Lillymon is portrayed as a very warm and non-violent character.  She is quite protective and will only become aggressive if Mimi (her human partner) or herself are threatened.  This point is best seen in the kind of attacks Lillymon has.  Her Flower Wreath is designed to heal poisoned Digimon and her Flower Cannon attack is only lethal at very close range.  If Lillymon were a violent character, her attacks would be more direct and devastating.  In addition, when she is required to use force, she only uses as much as is required to resolve the situation.  An example of this is when Lillymon is fighting Dark Tyranomon.  She only uses her Flower Wreath to heal Dark Tyranomon of the virus that Myotismon had infected him with, and does not take any add additional physical action against him.

Lillymon jumping in front of Mimi to absort an attack.Lillymon is also seen to be very honest, loyal, and caring individual.   She isn’t afraid to make her mind known, as is illustrated when she first appears and the comments she and Mimi trade about each other’s attitudes. Also, her kindness and loyalty are shown when the group is fighting Apocalymon.  During that fight, Lillymon is carrying Mimi by the hand around the battlefield and must fling her up into the air each time she uses her Flower Cannon attack.  After the first time this happened, Mimi asked, “Next time Lillymon, can you use someone else as a boomerang?”  Lillymon responded by saying, “Sorry, but I wanted to make sure you came back to me.”  Furthermore, Lillymon has been shown to be a very unselfish Digimon, always putting others before herself.   This is demonstrated in the numerous times she has pushed Mimi out of the way of an attack or stepped in to take the hit in order to protect her human partner.

What contributes the most to Lillymon’s personality is her voice.  In the American dub, Lillymon has an older, more adult voice than her previous forms.  This really helps to create the impression that she is more mature.  Indeed, Lillymon is the most mature form of her evolution line, both through her words and actions.


Pendulum Game Description:

Pendulum Game LillymonThis Fairy Digimon is born from a small flower.  Her appearance is that of a human child, which belies her unknown power.  She's whimsical and a tomboy and it's said that she is able to open the heart of a child with the same personality.  Her special attack is Flower Cannon, in which she holds both her hands out like the muzzle of a gun and shoots flower petals.

(This description is from Lillymon’s Pendulum Game profile and was very kindly translated by


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