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Rosemon using her Rose Spear attackIn Digimon Card Battle for the Sony Playstation, Rosemon makes a number of appearances throughout the game. The premise of Digital Card Battle is that you are a newcomer to the Digital World and you do battle with opponents through a card game. As you beat more opponents, you gather more powerful cards and unlock new areas. These opponents include the chosen children and their Digimon from the Seasons 1 & 2 of the Digimon TV show, in addition to a number of obscure Digimon.

(This paragraph contains spoilers for the game)
One of the first Digimon you come across in the game is Rosemon. Initially you do not know who she is, but she warns you of an ominous danger spreading across the Digital World. You discover her identity shortly after encountering VenomMyotismon. She tells you that a mysterious being known as "A" is plotting to take over the Digital World and is using VenomMyotismon as an avatar. This is also the case, but the person that has possessed Rosemon is seeking to stop "A" and capture him. After battling VenomMyotismon and sealing away "A," Rosemon reverts to her former self. You can talk to her in the Beginner City cafe, but she does not remember anything about what happened. While it is unfortunate Rosemon does not remember anything about what happened to her, her contributions to the story-line are important. Indeed, this is probably Rosemon's most significant appearance in any portion of the Digmon Universe. Here only other notable appearance is in the V-Tamer manga, but she does not play as important a role there as she does in this game.
</end spoilers>

In addition, Rosemon appears on two cards in the game. First, Rosemon shows up as a powerful, playable fighting monster. Appearing much like she does in other mediums, Rosemon sports a red body suit and helmet, long black boots, a green cape, and several deadly green vines. Her attacks include Throny Whipping, Rose Spear and Facination. In Throny Whipping (which should actually be Thorny Whipping ), Rosemon takes one of her vines, powers up, and gives her opponent a vicious lashing. In the Rose Spear attack, Rosemon collects her energy, leaps high in the air, and uses her right-arm vine to impale her enemy. For Rosemon's new attack, Facination, she gathers a cloud of pink gas around herself which draws some of the enemy's hp to her. To obtain the Rosemon card, a special card fusion is necessary. If a Lillymon and Myotismon card are fused at Wise Tower, only then can you obtain this powerful card. Also, sometimes after defeating Rosemon in Beginner City, she will give you the 2nd card she appears on, the Rosemon Lure. This is a powerful option card which lets you discard all the cards in your opponent's hand and their DP slot.


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Challenging Rosemon to a fight.
Defeated! Rosemon's monster-playing card
Throny (Thorny) Whipping
Rose Spear
Being Attacked
Winner! Rosemon Lure Card!
When you combine a Lillymon and Myotismon card...
You get Rosemon!


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