Digimon World 2:



Rosemon     In the Digimon World 2 game for the Sony Playstation, Digimon increase their strength by DNA Digivolving together with one another. This fusion results in a new Digimon that can attain higher levels and stats than its predecessors. When a Digimon reaches certain higher levels, it can digivolve to its next higher level form.   These higher forms can be attained first attained at level 11 for Champion, level 21 for Ultimate, and level 31 for Mega.

    Through the process described above, Pumpkinmon, Blossomon, and Lillymon can digivolve to Rosemon at level 31. In the game, Rosemon appears very much like what she does on her game cards, she has long flowing blonde hair, a green leafy cape, black boots, and a sleek red costume. However, as it is for almost every other Digimon in the game, there is nothing done to give any insight into her personality. In addition, when attacking her opponents, Rosemon will use her devastating Rose Rapier technique (aka Rose Spear).  Rose Rapier is a group attack whereby she will launch several green rapiers at her enemies inflicting massive damage.


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Digivolve to Rosemon Rosemon Stats Screen During the battle...
Rosemon is using a "special" attack. Various Battle Poses
Rosemon is being attacked
Now it is Rosemon's turn to attack
Nothing can withstand her Rose Spear Rosemon's team wins!


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