Rosemon has appeared in the following mediums:



In the Japanese manga, Digimon Adventure: V-Tamer, a young boy,Taichi, is brought to the Digital World and is paired with a Digimon named Veedramon.  Their sworn mission is to defeat an evil, super-powerful Digimon that is threatening to conquer the Digital World. In the course of their adventure, they meet up with a number of enemies wishing to destroy them.  Included in this assortment of villains is a human named Mari and her parter Digimon, Rosemon.  Together, Mari and Rosemon fight Taichi and Veedramon in a battle to determine the fate of the Digital World.



In the Japanese Digimon Card Battle game, Rosemon appears on the following cards:

Bo-180 Bo-238
Bo-209 Bo-485
Bo-788 Bo-12v

For the American Digimon Card Battle Game, Rosemon makes an appearance on St-142.


Video Games:

Rosemon as she appears on the D-TerminalRosemon has appeared in the following video games and electronic devices:

--Digital Card Game for the Sony Playstation
--Digimon World 2 for the Sony Playstation
--Digimon World 3 for the Sony Playstation
--Digimon D-Terminal electronic handheld device
--Japanese Pendulum 4.5 Handheld game as a possible evolution for Lilimon


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