Japanese Card Battle Game Quotes:

-"The Beautiful Queen of the Flowers" -- Bo-180
-"Her special attack is a whip of thorns that turns both mind and body into her slave!" -- Bo-238
-"Her beautiful sword dances and crimson blood blooms on the battlefield!" -- Bo-485
-"A magnificent rose warrior maiden who carries love and beauty in her jewels!" -- Bo-788
-"This rose queen can make any Digimon her slave!" -- Bo-12v

(Quotes are taken from Megchan's Digimon Encyclopedia.)


Manga Description:

Even though the following quote comes from a sheet for the V-Tamer card set, this quote describes the working relationship that Rosemon shares with Mari:

"Mari's partner Digimon. Her sexy fighting combination with Mari is perfect! She fights beautifully with her rose whip!"

(This description was ery kindly translated by


Pendulum Game Description:

Pendulum Game RosemonThis beautiful Fairy Digimon is the queen of the flowers.  Her appearance is that of a beautiful human woman and she is always wishing for beautiful things.   On her breast she wears the symbol of love and beauty and it is said that anyone who wears that symbol will be promised eternal beauty and strength.

(This description is from Rosemon’s Pendulum Game profile and was very kindly translated by


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